BaseCamp Girl

Building  rock-solid communication with your tween is the number one way to build a strong, authentic relationship with her through her tween years and beyond. We provide a fun way to meaningfully interact with your tween around important life lessons she faces every day. 

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What is BaseCamp Girl?

BaseCamp Girl is the secret weapon to level up your parenting journey, build a solid foundation for great communication with your tween, and help her become more confident and resilient. Your tween is facing all sorts of new-to-her physical, social, and societal changes and yes, they're normal, but honestly, she could use some help with them!

Without your connection, she could end up like many tweens, floundering into her teen years without enough confidence, communication, coping and social skills for success. You can do better, with BaseCamp Girl! 

BaseCamp Girl is about building a stronger relationship with your tween, personal growth, and having fun along the way. Check out the video to the right for more info.

I want to get started NOW!

My tween loves doing BaseCamp Girl and I love that we’re spending quality time together. The sections about feelings have been especially important for us.




My girl's a tween this year and she’s so ready for this. She and a friend did the friendship topics together, which was sweet. I think they feel like they're a friendship team now! I did my workbook pages later and she was teaching me what she learned.  



Mia and I did BaseCamp Girl together and had so much fun! The videos are cute and quick and the workbooks set up a lot of great thinking and conversation around the topics. I thought my workbooks were going to be the same as hers so I was surprised that they are entirely different!



I have two daughters and it's important for me to raise strong, confident young women. But, I worry about challenges from social media or their friends. BaseCamp Girl has tools and resources they can take advantage of that build their self esteem and self confidence


As an educator and mother to three girls, I know that this is important work to do with our tweens. I love this program!



Girl Dad

We just did Volume 1 together and it was awesome. We had a great time and I learned a lot her and about parenting her through this time of her life. Volume 2 looks even better!


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